Unfinished Biz Podcast


episode _28

josh tetrick _co-founder & ceo, just

Josh Tetrick isn’t your average entrepreneur, and neither is the JUST story. JUST, formerly Hampton Creek, has gone through countless twists and turns in its quest to get - and stay - on the map. But Josh says the past is behind JUST, and he’s committed to bringing quality food to the planet. Josh’s journey may just be beginning.

february 12, 2018


episode _27

gt dave  _co-founder & ceo gt’s kombucha

GT Dave was just a teenager when his kombucha journey began, and his company’s rise to stardom was swift but not without its challenges along the way. Find out how GT built the GT’s Kombucha empire, how he deals with a largely unregulated beverage catetgory, and where his empire looks to expand next. 

january 22, 2019