Unfinished Biz Podcast


episode _13

zak normandin  _co-founder & ceo dirty lemon

Zak Normandin, Founder of Little Duck Organics and current Co-Founder & CEO of Dirty Lemon Beverages knows how to do things differently. Dirty Lemon's text-message based payment and customer service platform created a brand-new category in the CPG space. Find out how Zak applied his early highs and lows as an entrepreneur to live more harmoniously, and why thinking outside the box propelled Dirty Lemon into an influencer brand, most recently partnering with Vogue magazine.

may 15, 2018


may 1, 2018

episode _12

sheryl o'loughlin  _ceo rebbl

Sheryl O'Loughlin, formerly Clif Bar and Plum Organics CEO has had a storied career as a serial entrepreneur, but realized along the way that sometimes taking a step back is the only way to achieve success. Hear how Sheryl found a balance between business,  health, and family, and how the magic of REBBL brought her back into the startup life.