Unfinished Biz Podcast


episode _34

kerry cooper _president & coo rothy’s

Kerry Cooper, Rothy’s President and COO, has expertly navigated the complex intersection of Tech and Retail for much of her career. Now, she spends her days focused on sustainable shoes. On this episode, find out how Kerry took the reins at Rothy’s, what she and Rothy’s founders, Roth Martin and Stephen Hawthornthwaite, needed to fix, and how the environment is their ultimate driving force.

JULY 2, 2019


episode _33

matthias metternich  _co-founder & ceo, art of sport

Matthias Metternich, Art of Sport Co-Founder and CEO, might be our most unusual story yet. Join Robin and Wayne as they get to the bottom of how Matthias came up with the idea for Art of Sport, why the world’s best athletes wanted in, and the difference one day on a billboard can make.

may 28, 2019